In the modern era of science, a sharp intellect has prime importance as far as the education is concerned. Instead of overloading mind with a lot of information at a time, thinking and understanding is more valued. Children today are trained to think logically and scientifically from the primary school itself.

Function of the intellect is the capacity to analyse & correlate relevant information. Concentration is the expression & precision is the outcome.

However the enhanced power of the sharpened intellect associated with the powerful concentration has also bound man into the whirlpool of intellectual slavery. He finds difficult to come out of the clutches of deep concentration. Though it is agonising and he wants to come out of it, he finds himself stuck. His worries & attachments do not leave him.

The development of personality at intellectual level should not only result in an intense sharpening of the intellect but also include a mastery to come out of the enslaving power of the sharpened intellect. Swami Vivekananda have rightly emphasized Concentration & Detachment as the two parts of the education. One should be able to deeply concentrate on the subject but at the same time, also be able to easily come out of it, at any moment.

Yoga imparts this capability of concentration and detachment with ease, to avoid any dependence and allied agony. Yoga delivers the skill to calm down the mind which brings this capacity to detach. Hence yoga is attracting many intellectual sufferers to achieve the peace of mind which can only be achieved by yoga which trains you smart concentration and skilful timely detachment. In short as we all know while driving clutch and breaks are as much important as kick and accelerator, the same case is with concentration and detachment.

Excess of any good habit can also turn to be harmful. For example some students do concentrate on studies as much as they don't even eat or sleep properly which can turn into illness nearby to their final tests etc. Some kids concentrate in mobile or television so much that they develop eye related complications and habit of living in fantasy and lack of concentration in real life.

Some children concentrate on cartoons too much and if it is closed they get angry or over react or cry even if many good options are been provided to them, which shows their intense attachment and difficulty to detach with the subject. You might have heard recently some cases that some children did suicide as parents took their mobile and didn’t allowed to use it. There are many situations in life where wisdom of yoga can make you enjoy the life with all its ups & downs.