On this WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2016, lets pledge ourselves a healthy mind....! #Mentalhealthday #healthymindhappylife #proudpsychiatrist

We often work hard on our physical fitness, on our looks and on what others perceive us as. But, we hardly think about the workhorse of our lives- OUR MIND. It begins to work right from birth and when it decides to shut, we depart. And yet we successfully manage to keep it ignored.

This WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, lets pledge:

  1. We will work to keep our minds fit- engage with family and friends, read good books, have a hearty laugh and learn to love ourselves.
  2. We will pat our backs before beginning each day for successfully enduring whatever life threw in front of us.
  3. We will spend 10 minutes of our overcrowded life daily with ourselves, a time to love ourselves, encourage ourselves and set goals for our life ahead.
  4. Just like we workout for our physical fitness, we will engage in relaxing yet cognition and intellect building activities like meditation, relaxation yoga etc.
  5. Last of all, we will pass on our habit of mental fitness to our future generations to always keep their quality of living high!