We all think about taking more care of our body, to exercise more, to be healthy. The Hardest thing about starting an exercise is you do not know what to do, if you haven’t taken up exercising before you seriously need some direction on  what to do  and how to do. There is no need to worry because this article will help you to make a step by step exercise plan.


Its takes a lot of determination to change your body from fat to fabulous. Exercise is the easiest part, your body will be sore, in pain and exhausted, that’s when a lot of people give up, this is a make or break moment, if you surrender at that point your every plan goes down the drain. So do not lose hope and get back to the work.



You need to have a healthy diet, no exercise program will get you there alone, and you need to combine it with a sensible diet program. Diet is 80 % of the battle. You can work out all day but if you eat like crap, you are not going to find any results.



Water is an essential part of workout regimen, because you lose the necessary body fluids like sodium and potassium when you sweat. So replacing those lost fluids is very important in order to repair the muscle fibers of the body. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in sodium and potassium.

Proper exercise routine

It’s not about just pumping iron and sweating hard in the gym, working out should be well planned activity, you should take adequate rest to let the body recuperate and to prepare itself for the next work out session. When workout the   fibers in the muscles break down, which need rest and protein rich diet to repair and to grow big and strong.

Another mistake that most of new comers make is to just working out on their favorite parts, they just want to beef up the pectorals and biceps, which makes their body shape like a robot, always workout at the whole body especially the lower body which is highly neglected. The golden idea is to develop a well balanced and symmetrical physique.


Most guys in the gym do not do the cardio; they just go straight to the weights, these results in poor stamina and there comes a time when a self proclaimed pro cannot do even 5 chin-ups on the bar, which is quite embarrassing.

Cardio-"Running" the best Cardio

Proper Nutrition

When you go to a gym a lot of guys at the gym recommend you various body building supplements, majority of which are absolutely rubbish some are even harmful for your health. Instead what you can do is to get a good quality multivitamin.

Shuffle the workout routine

When you do the same workout each time, your body gets used to it and you do not get the results were looking for. Shuffling your workout routine makes the body responds.


Be consistent in your workout, diet and nutrition. In order to change your body you need to consistently eat healthy, workout consistently and nourish your body. Forget about it, if you go berserk on some days and do not show up on next few weeks.

No gym required

If you think you need to go to a expensive gym to get a good body you are wrong, there are a lot of exercises that you can do at your home or at your work place to keep you healthy and in shape. Take inspiration from internet and article about home based exercises. You can do exercises like Yoga, Aerobics and gymnastics to keep your body in shape. You do not need a Gym to look great.