There’s no doubt that infertility is on the rise like never before. And more often than not, this is being constantly related to the increasing ration of working women population. But is the comparison justified?

Let’s look at the top reasons why women turn out to be infertile (It can be some deficiency on the part of the man as well, but here we will focus on cases with women.) to chalk out the main picture behind all this hullaballoo:

  • Stress

Stress is a big factor which leads to infertility in both men and women. Talking about women, it is not only bad for your reproductive health but overall physical health as well. So, it is not exactly your work that’s adversely affecting you but the stress that it brings along.

So, the easy way out is to seek out measures to reduce the stress. Stay calm, practice meditation/yoga, and follow a ‘chill out’ regime when it comes to working. Much better than cutting off the workforce!

  • Dietary Inefficiencies

Pregnancy needs your body to be fit and capable enough of carrying a baby within it. Dietary inefficiencies are not only an increasing reason for infertility but can also lead to miscarriage in pregnant women.

So, here again, don’t miss your meals while at work. Take a look at your diet and include healthy and wholesome food to keep your body fit and able to conceive.

  • Birth Control

One thing that’s often noticed in career-oriented women is that they plan babies much later in life. Fair enough as there is a lot to sort out before you can actually plan another responsibility. But the birth control method you use for long period of time is something to be looked at. Don’t take hormonal medicines for long stretches. Rather prefer other less-destructible methods of birth control after consulting your doctor.

Just like these, other problems that are often related to working women are actually not work-related by the lifestyle that one follows. If you are already past the stage of precaution, you must consult a gynaecologist immediately.