What is this package about?

People with a short height are often laughed at and feel embarrassed. Normal growth of a person is controlled by growth hormones, Sex hormones and thyroid hormones. It also depends on genetic factor and nutrition during years of growth.

Why should you opt for the package?

The package aims to offer effective treatment for increasing height.

Characteristic of this package

  •  Homoeopathic medicines are safe and cause no side effects
  • Meridian stimulation Cupping methods 
  • Yogic postures therapy Charts of Diet and exercise 

What is this package about?       

Here we will stimulate height increasing acupuncture points of the body by means of a meridian stimulator machine, and then along with a cupping gadget, exercises and yogic posture exercises and LM potency Homoeopathic Medicine is also given to increase height.  

 The plan of the treatment includes:

1. Asking about lifestyle pattern, food habits and previous medical history.

2. Analyzing underlying causes.

3. Provide appropriate guidance.

4. Consultation once in months.

What are the outcomes of the package?

  • Increased height
  • Increased immunity level
  • Improved overall health

Package extent Validity- 6 months.  Homoeopathic Medicine included for 6 months.