7th April is celebrated as the ‘World Health Day’.

Millennials today are obsessed with “health and wellness:” We are eating right, smoking less, and exercising much better than previous generations. As we pay attention to our body we forget the window to overall health i.e. our MOUTH. 

Oral health is the most neglected aspect as we visit our dentist only if we have some discomfort. It is recommended, seeing your dentist at least two times a year in order to maintain optimal health and hygiene for your teeth.

The question commonly asked, what is the need of going to a dentist if it doesn’t pain or hurt?

So here are few reasons emphasizing the need for a regular oral check-up:

1. Clean teeth/ Brighter smile:  Regular brushing isn’t enough for maintaining proper oral health. A healthy set of teeth is a crucial part of enhancing your appearance. The dentist will clean and polish your teeth by removing dental plaque, stains or tartar while making suggestions or additions to your daily oral health routines like the use of an interdental brush or a particular type of mouthwash or a correct way to brush according to the teeth requirement. This can prevent or halt most teeth and gum diseases which progress silently and only detected when late. 

people with a confident smile are found to be more attractive 

2. Early diagnosis of tooth cavitiesRegular visits can identify tooth diseases at an early & preventable stage.The issues which may seem minor at first can lead to more serious problems if not addressed early. For example, A tooth which could have been restored by a simple filling may require a root canal or removal in future.

Ignoring tooth pain may lead to loss of tooth

3. Diagnosis of severe dental diseases: Oral cancer is highly prevalent in India with a very poor outcome. Many people are aware of it only at a very late stage. Early diagnosis is essential for better prognosis. Your dentist will conduct oral cancer or pre-cancerous conditions screening during your regular six-month visit & take necessary steps if required.

4. Gum disease: Healthy gums reflect stronger teeth. Also, it is now an established fact that gum diseases are associated with cardiac problems, diabetes, complications during pregnancy etc. Timely dental visits will allow the dentist to diagnose gum problems at an early stage avoiding other systemic complications.

5. Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity may arise as a result of, wearing away of the tooth surface, early caries, receding of gums. The dentist can identify the cause & halt the progression of the disease to alleviate the symptoms. 

Thus enabling you a enjoy your favourite ice-creams or desserts without hesitation.     

Ignoring dental problems allows spreading of disease and become more serious. Proper care of your teeth and gums will keep them healthier your whole life. Consider scheduling an appointment with your dentist now. 

As they say: “Dentistry Is Not Expensive, Neglect Is”  

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