A man has a hundred chores to run a day and not one of it includes a self care pack. And they say it’s easy to be a man? It isn’t! More so, when your body needs your attention for nutrition and supplements to help it stay younger, healthier and ready for a hundred more stressful workloads laying on your desk throughout a busy day!

Fortunately, Ayurveda makes it easier for you with a centuries old secret ingredient that helps men even in the modern days - we introduce you to Shilajit! For ages, Shilajit has been used as a powerpack to help men perform better in all aspects of life and it’s been scientifically proven in the labs. If you wish to know more, keep reading!

An Anti-Ageing Ingredient To Keep You Young!

Shilajit has plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory organic compounds that help your body stay young even when you’re crossing your numbers real soon. It slows down the aging of your body and boosts your health to a whole new level.

A Body-Building Secret No One Tells You About!

Taking shilajit in prescribed dosage helps you build your desired physique with an ample of right supplements along with the right diet and workouts. It helps you gain a healthy mass and adds to your muscle prowess while the work-outs help you enhance the cuts and the biceps. It’s truly a game changing experience!

A Secret To Your Sexual Wellness!

Many call it the black magic ingredient for its sexual health properties. Not only does it help you to perform but it boosts your overall sexual health to whole new heights. It provides you with much needed energy and helps repair your reproductive system while improving the overall quality of your spermatogenesis. It ain’t famous for no reason! If you’re still contemplating to go for it, we recommend you to start with optimum dosage with Dr. Vaidya’s Herbo 24 Turbo to see if it works for you like it works for a billion other men all over the world.