Running can be a solitary sport but yet a lot of runners run in groups at least part of the time. This might be along with a coach or with a running group or just a few friends running together.Either way running in a group has several benefits. First of all, there is just more motivation to get out there and run instead of snoozing. Running in a group also provides a support system, encourages healthy competition and it can be a great social activity. Exchanging notes on training, running form, shoes, injuries and others is a powerful support. People running together become really close friends and it pulls the group up. The downside is that when you are injured you miss your friends and this can lead to denial. You might ignore your pain and keep running making your injury worse. Running makes your body release “happy” chemicals that promote feelings of excitement, euphoria and emotional bonding. When you run in a group this combination of feelings keeps the group “happy” and high on running together.