Going to the gym has become a trend these days. To be physically fit, it is generally easiest to join a gym, as you have trainers and others to guide you. But time is a valuable commodity these days, and knowing how much time you need to spend working out at the gym is very important.

According to research and studies, Indians and South Asians in general, need to spend more time at gym as compared to Europeans or other Westerners to attain similar health benefits. Indian / South Asian men need to spend approximately 15-20 minutes more per day than men of European descent, to attain the same endurance, strength, stamina, fat loss, cardiovascular benefits, muscle growth, etc, according to research by the University of Glasgow in Scotland. After examining 10 minutes bouts of exercise, it was found that South Asians (Indians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, etc.) had to exercise longer in order to attain the same cardiovascular and metabolic benefits as Europeans.

Which basically means that Indians need to have a longer and more strenuous workout to achieve the same benefits and should not follow European/US guidelines with regard to exercise. The major factor that is responsible for this is GENETIC VARIATION, along with certain other factors such as: 

• Diet and Lifestyle 

• Fat oxidation ability 

• Urbanization 

• Physical activity 

It is also observed that Indians need to achieve lower levels of BMI to prevent diabetes because Indians are found to have more insulin resistance than Europeans. This can be due to low physical activity and low fitness levels.