Most men in the world wish “Alas! If I had a bigger penis“. Many women also crave for a man with a big penis, expecting him to be a great lover. They equate big size penis with great sex. People have all kinds of notions regarding penis size - most think the size during flaccid state is small because they want to make sure the crotch has a prominent bulge when they are out in public. They think people are always noticing the penile area. Some are so preoccupied that they don’t tuck in the shirt to cover it from public gaze. I ask this question to my patients when they complain of a small size penis, ”Why do you think you have a small penis?” Following are the answers I got from my patients:

1. I watched my friend peeing: Many tell me they watched their friends relieving themselves who had a bigger size. Some were bullied by friends while being told they had a small dick so how will they satisfy a girl? This hurt very badly and produced extreme anxiety 

2. I watched a porn movie where the male model had a big one: Here they were taking porn movie as a real-life event leading to the erroneous belief that everyone in the world is similar to the model. They complain because they have a smaller size than the Male in porn.

3. I want a bigger penis because I need to keep my wife fully satisfied otherwise she might go astray- This is an interesting observation. Many people are unsure of themselves, feel a lot of insecurity and suspicious by nature. They will have sex daily compulsorily. One of my patients used to force himself through the wife didn’t want it. She had arousal disorder, so sex was a punishment for her but the man wanted to make sure she gets her daily dose of sex. Actually, the wife complained of high sex desire in her husband but he wanted to make sure he had once or more sex daily. The basic reason was his conviction that he may be having a small penis 

4. I want a bigger size penis because my wife told me she is not enjoying fully as I was not able to hit her uterus.  This is a misconception in some that females need to be hit on uterus during sex to reach climax. This is conveyed to the man who gets depressed and is convinced that he has a serious problem.

5. I want a bigger penis because my girlfriend told me that her previous boyfriend had a bigger organ: Comparing is common in those females who have multiple partners. The Poor man starts his search for a bigger penis so that the girlfriend remains happy

6. I want a big penis because it will help in having great sex: This is a common belief that big penis results in great sex. This is not true. A big penis will provide as good pleasure as a medium size penis. Actually pleasure results from rubbing the outer 2 inches of the vagina. Inner two-third is devoid of any nerves so big penis doesn’t give you advantage. If you have an erect penis size of 2 inches, you can stimulate all 2 inches of the outer vagina.

Is there anything like a small penis in reality-

Yes, there is. It can be small in many situations: 

1. Micropenis-  In hypogonadism, the man has normal physical development but sexual development is less. The reasons can be many- genetic or hormonal. If the Pituitary Gland doesn’t secrete adequate LH and FSH at the appropriate time, the testicular development lags behind and testosterone secretion is less than normal. So there is poor or no development of secondary sex characters like beard, pubic hair, deepening of the voice, hairs on chest and enlargement of penis. There will be no semen formation as well. It can be treated by medicines and appropriate surgery

2. Chordae- It is associated with an abnormal location of urinary opening, generally beneath the penile shaft. It is called Hypospadias. The front of the penis is bent forward and down. It can be corrected by surgery

3. Buried penis-  Sometimes in obese persons, there is excessive pubic fat which covers the majority of the penile shaft. Some men may find it difficult to urinate properly because there is insufficient penile length available to hold and direct the urine stream accurately. They may complain of clothes being soiled while passing urine. They have normal secondary sex characters but intercourse is very difficult. It can be treated by weight reduction, pubic fat removal and liposuction

4. Penile Web- Sometimes the underneath of the penis looks in continuity with scrotum so the visible penile shaft is short. It can be corrected by a surgery