Have you ever wondered if twice-yearly teeth cleanings are really necessary? 

In addition to keeping your teeth sparkling  clean, cleaning offers several other important benefits, including:  

  • Fresher Breath - Cleaning removes food particles trapped between teeth, reducing breath odour.
  • Detection of Illnesses - The examinations your dentist and hygienist perform can provide valuable information about your health. The signs of several illnesses or conditions, including bone loss, osteoporosis,  acid reflux and seasonal allergies, may first appear in the mouth. 
  • Lower Heart Attack and Stroke Risk - Bacteria from a gum infection can travel through your bloodstream to your heart and brain. Since cleaning reduces your risk of gum disease, it also decreases your heart attack and stroke risk. After studying 100,000 people, Taiwan researchers discovered that people who received regular cleanings reduced their heart attack risk by 24 percent and their stroke risk by 13 percent.
  • Protection from Premature Births and Low-Birth-Weight - The same bacteria can also trigger premature labour or cause a low-birth-weight according to the recent research.