Has drinking cold water become a nightmare? Do you have to think twice before eating hot soup? 

If so, then you are not alone. It's been estimated that at least 50% of the general population suffers from sensitive teeth or medically speaking, Dential Hypersenstivity. Dentinal Hypersenstivity is basically pain or discomfort in your teeth or a single tooth in response to certain stimuli like hot or cold food, acidic drink or even cold air. It maybe transient or chronic and can affect one or multiple tooth. 

When this happens, the biggest question you are faced with is ‘WHY’. What is this happening? Why are your teeth sensitive? Here are a few things that may be causing sensitivity in your teeth: 

•   Wearing of teeth: The most common cause behind sensitivity is Wearing of Enamel , the outer most layer of your teeth. Enamel wear can occur because of a number of reasons including over zealous brushing, using a hard tooth brush, regular consumption of acidic food or beverages and grinding your teeth. 

•   Cavity: Dental decay that extends deep into the internal layer of the tooth can also cause sensitivity. This is commonly the reason if you are experiencing  sensitivity on just one tooth.  

•   Gum recession: Gum recession is when your gums ‘pull away’ from the teeth leading to uncovering of the roots. When this happens your teeth may start to appear longer than they were. It is caused due to aggressive brushing, gum diseases or can be age related and is another leading cause of sensitivity. 

•   Broken or Chipped Teeth: Broken or chipped teeth can also cause sensitivity because of exposure of the underlying layer, dentin, of the tooth. In this case the sensitivity is usually localised to that particular area. 

•   Recent Dental Work: Recent Whitening , filling or Crown work can also be the culprits behind sensitivity. It is mostly confined to the area that was operated on and is usually transient and will subside after a few days 

•   Acid Reflux or Frequent Vomiting: Frequent Acid reflux and other conditions that cause frequent vomiting including bulimia can also cause wearing of enamel overtime, leading to sensitivity . In this case its best to treat the underlying medical condition while addressing the sensitivity 

No matter how it manifests or what the cause maybe, sensitivity is very uncomfortable and tends to disrupt your day to day life. There are a however a number of ways you can Deal with Tooth Senstivity.