Functional dentist is the one who make efforts in preventing any oral disease which impacts your overall body health. He treats the actual root cause of the disease and also, takes care of pathological issues and its etiological cause. Functional dentist is dynamic in nature and is physically as well as mentally efficient in providing good oral health treatment and education to prevent any tooth related problem.

Goals of functional dentist:

  • He helps the people by providing advanced ways of health promotion. 
  • Takes measures to prevent dental diseases and spreads awareness of oral hygiene.
  • Provide basic treatment options to the patients in various organized camps.
  • Functional dentist tries to achieve good oral hygiene of the people and takes care towards prevention.

Dietary Recommendations by a Functional Dentist:

  • It is always recommended from your dentist to eat food stuff like nuts, cheese,cream, milk and other dairy products. Also, calcium rich fruits like banana,apricot and figs. These foods are remineralizing in nature enriching tooth structure; thereby preventing tooth decay.
  • Oral source or extra sources of vitamin and supplement intakes are potential enough to remineralize caries. For example- Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin A, calcium and trace minerals.

Steps to maintain a good oral hygiene:

  • Practice good oral hygiene habits like brushing daily, twice. Rinse after every meal so that there is no deposition of minute food particle on the tooth surface.
  • Keep a balance of bacterial oral microbiome in the saliva. Human saliva contains some bacteria which naturally helps in preventing breathe odor, tooth decay and other oral problems. Cleaning your tongue and flossing, additionally can help to maintain you a good bacterial microbiome.