As per the definition, Hunger is a condition in which a person, for a sustained period is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs. The physical sensation of hunger can be felt from the contraction of stomach muscles. But it is not always true that whenever you eat food, you are actually hungry. Yes you read me right because all of us suffer from different kinds of hunger depending on the situation and location. I will tell you some types which we all are suffering from in our daily routine. They are:

  • Social Hunger – This is the hunger you suffer because of your society or peers. It is mainly found between the youngsters and the business personals. Whenever youngsters want to meet or there are business meetings, people end up eating food outside even if they are not hungry. This leads to obesity and diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure as the food ordered is always junk or unhealthy and the hunger is just for the get together.
  •  Bored Hunger – I have always come up with such queries and statements from my patients that whenever they are free or feeling bored, they feel hungry. This is because when the brain is idle, it starts thinking about the food and people always jump toward the tempting junk or unhealthy snacks. In that case, have green tea/ chamomile tea so that it will release the happy hormones and control the cravings. Read good books and do some activities which will keep you involved and happy.
  •  TV Hunger – kids and ladies are the biggest sufferers of this type of hunger. While watching television, they keep on eating something or the other without even noticing the calorie count they are adding up to their body and weight. Whether they are actually hungry or not, they keep on eating just for the sake of enjoying the television series or movies.
  •  Emotional Hunger – Hunger can be very well related to the emotions and food actually boosts up your mood. It is person specific that which type of emotion makes them hungry. Some people eat more in happiness while some eat a lot while crying or while they are feeling depressed. One thing is in common that they indulge themselves into unhealthy eating specially ice creams, chocolates and chips.

Eating is not bad but the improper and unhealthy diet can prove to be the biggest enemy of your health. You can eat in any of the situations said above, but you should choose healthy options. Eating right diet in a right way can help keeping all the ailments and diseases away.