Indians have huge vitamin deficiency figures compared to Global standards.

Various food myths are to be blamed for this.

As a clinical Physiotherapist and Nutritional expert I suggest some facts that need to be addressed: 

1) Indians are more stressed and give less importance to physical exercise compared to their global counterparts.

2) Eating at proper times should be strictly adhered to (5 small meals if on a diet or 3 proper healthy meals).

3) Eating healthy should be the mantra, for eg: filling yourself with snacks like samosa, vada, shev, chakli instead of proper wholesome food.

4) The myth that non-veg food gives you more strength or veg food will never give you heart disease is all a propaganda by various people. Speaking scientifically vegetarian people can have more strength than a person who consumes meat, also a vegetarian may die of cardiac diseases as compared to a person who consumes red meat daily.

5) However certain facts have to be taken into consideration like B12 (nerve function) is found in meat and Iron is found in high quantity in green leafy vegetables. However, if your religion or culture doesn't permit meat then there are supplements which are available in the market.

6) Just remember no amount of supplement or fancy food will give you the amount of vital vitamins which a wholesome food gives you.

7) Last but not the least 'eat smart' - a boiled potato will give you the same nutrients minus the cholesterol that comes from a fried potato. 

Bon appetit!