When you should NOT delay the Fertility Treatment?

Almost all the couples want to conceive naturally. We also try our best to fulfill their wishes. But, unfortunately, sometimes we see the couples for whom the only way to achieve pregnancy is the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). They are the couples who CANNOT conceive naturally. 

This happens when:

  1. Both the Fallopian Tubes are Blocked in Laparoscopy.
  2. Severe (Grade 4) Endometriosis (when the lining of the uterus- "Endometrium" is located outside the uterus and causes "Adhesion" or abnormal attachment between the tubes/ ovaries).
  3. Premature Ovarian Failure (Ovaries stop producing eggs).
  4. Azoospermia (No sperm in Semen).
  5. Absent Ejaculation in man.
  6. Severe Asthenospermia- when all the sperms are not able to move.

Sadly, the process of IVF is expensive, so many a time the couples take time to get ready financially. However, with waiting, sometimes the condition worsens and the success rate declines. The main determinant of success in IVF is the AGE.  We CANNOT modify the age. As a result, when the couple finally decides for IVF, after spending so much of time, the chance of success decreases drastically. 

Please remember, if all reports are normal, the chance of success of IVF is only 40-50% per cycle. That means, out of 100 women undergoing IVF, only 40-50 can conceive after one cycle of IVF. Understandably, if the factors are not OK or if the age is on the higher side, the success is further lowered.

Case Study

This couple visited for the first time in 2015, when the man's age was only 34 years. He had problems in ejaculation (could not ejaculate during intercourse or during masturbation). They did not want to use Donor Sperms. So, they were advised IVF with TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration). They took time to think about it and to get ready financially.

Now they returned after 3 years, at the end of 2018. Now they are ready for IVF. The man's age is now 37 years.

Additionally, in 2015 the TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultrasound) showed that his prostate gland and the Seminal Vesicles (glands secrete fluid to keep the sperms healthy) were normal. Now after 3 years, the TRUS is showing "Obstructive Changes". So the situation is worse than it was before. Additionally the age of both husband and wife increased over last 3 years.