Sexual health is an integral part of our overall healthy life. If you experience any problem that is affecting your sex life,then it is time to see a professional who can help with these problems. A person who is medically equipped to help with sexual health problems is a sexologist. 

If you are experiencing any sort of discomfort to get sexually aroused, cannot attain an erection or keep it for a desired period of time, you are frequently experiencing night discharge, or unusual discharge, or you experience discomfort while urinating, then its time you seek medical help and start looking for Best sexologist in Delhi.

Causes for sexual health problems

Medical researchers and doctors have been studying these issues for a long time and the conclusion boils down to reasons that can cause such problems. First is an underlying medical condition, which might or might not have been diagnosed yet.Illnesses like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high intake of recreational drugs or alcohol consumption can be causing your sexual problems. Diseases which affect our nervous system like MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s can also cause problems with sexual health.

Inability to perform well during a sexual act can cause a lot of anxiety and the person can lose self-confidence which in turn would cause him to have problems.

Treatment available for various sexual health problems

Getting to the root cause of such problems is important before you can find a solution for them. Studies show that 95% of sexual health problems can be solved by small but significant changes in your lifestyle. 

Doctors will recommend you the basics like eating healthy and exercising regularly. Start cutting down on your alcohol consumption and quit smoking and the use of any recreational drugs. Taking therapy to help your mental health is another lifestyle change that helps a lot. If you and your partner are experiencing sexual dissatisfaction, then Couples therapy is also a great option. The key to solving most health problems always comes to lifestyle changes which may seem very ground level at the beginning but can render great results in the long run.