From Illness To Wellness

I am ‘whole’ and not ’part’. When ill thoughts are there, ill will is there, we suffer from ill feeling and ‘ill-ness’. We are diseased on the whole.

Disease trickles from genes, environment, mental makeup and life-style. This in turn results in imbalance of the mind then endocrinal system, then physiology and manifests in pre clinical states or frank diseases i.e. pathology.

How can this be prevented?

One has to fight all these odds in a very subtle way, most natural way unlike modern aggressive treatment methodologies.

Integrated approach for achieving long lasting wellness saves on age as well as pain one suffers. One of the most effective way of health management is periodical servicing of whole body in most holistic way! Body is not an assembly of parts, nuts & bolts but harmonious interplay of the most intricate body parts & their inter related functions!

Get a smoother ride on the road of life, better mileage, good brakes and shock-ups, no misfires, with right fuel, oil & regular servicing in a genuine garage! 

Complete Detoxification brings back the balance of body & mind through system rejuvenation.

1. Pranic healing and Reiki therapy - scans 'Shat-Chakra" for the blockages, cleanses and attunes these chakras and  re-establish the balance and their respective functioning in the most subtle way.

2. Sujok and acupuncture therapy – Along with seed therapy and magnet therapy checks the energy flowing through various meridians of the body and balances them with the help of acu-needles which helps in proper atonement and functioning of endocrinal glands and other vital organs

3. Panchakarma therapy - takes into account the imbalance of 'Tridosha' or three humours - ' vata, pitta and kapha' and gets the blend right i.e. treats excess of the dosh with the help of vaman, virechan , nasya, basti and raktamokshana. The combinations of these five therapies help remove deep rooted metabolic stress and illness-causing toxins from the body.

Re-freshen your senses with Ayurveda

4. Homoeopathy - Takes care of the psycho-somatic diseases and constitutional morbid tendencies that a person is born with  through administration of potentised medicine after taking a detailed case history of the patient. Biochemic medicines are used for physiological disturbances and mother tinctures to tonify various needful organs.

5. Diet & Nutritional therapy - Tapering the diet to total fast and back to normal menu, vegetable and fruit juice therapy, herbal healing is a part of diet cure. This helps to rectify the nutritional deficiencies, improve digestion, shed the extra kilos and bring back the glow!!

6. Counselling- Handling various life adversities in most practical yet simple ways changes whole perspective of life. Little alterations in one’s attitude, language, work approach brings huge changes in the environment we live in. Positive and constructive thinking   builds great health, and long life.

Counselor helps you find'YOU'

It is an intricately designed health regain programme handled by expert therapists & consultants!We are pleased to benefit number of people eager to keep their aging under check so also their  disease processes.

Grab the ‘Treasure of Health’ and live life to its full! Regain the speed,revive your tree of life!!