Dentistry has taken great strides in the past few years. From the humble beginnings of removing teeth and putting dentures, we can now boast of Stem cells, RVGs, Dental microscopes, Piezosurgery machines, zirconia crowns, semi-flexible dentures, flexible dentures, aligners, implants, endomotors to name a few.

There's a lot happening every day thus this article will help everyone in acquiring knowledge about the newer technology and how it can help them with better treatment and lesser pain.

Whats new in extraction?

Removal of teeth is one of the most feared treatments in dentistry. The thought of extraction itself gives a huge amount of stress to the patient but not anymore the Piezo machine is the state of the art technology for removing teeth with ease and without pain. So, how exactly it works?

The Piezo machine works by giving pulses of vibrations thereby causing loosening of teeth in the socket and easy removal of teeth without worries of pain and not just pain it also protects the bone from any damage during extraction. 

Once the tooth is removed Stem cells (PRF)made by patients blood can be made using special technology which helps in faster healing of the wound. PRF is a new technology having a great potential for rapid healing. In my opinion, all difficult extractions should be followed by PRF therapy.

Whats new in RCT?

Root Canal Treatment can now be done with machines known as endomotors which can make the treatment faster and more efficient.  with the introduction of files known as niti files which can bend to great degrees even difficult RCTs are possible now.

Whats new in replacement of missing teeth?

Vast improvements in replacement of missing teeth. Zirconia crowns with strengths up to 1100 Psi are now available almost impossible to break. eMAX crowns for front teeth are a marvel in themselves impossible to detect and differentiate from adjacent natural teeth. Precision attachments are a great way to give teeth when implants are not possible in the back teeth. Semi-flexible dentures and Flexible dentures can be useful in patients with lot missing teeth with the advantage of no metal clips. 

Whats new in braces (alignment of teeth)?

Well, this the find of the decade. ALIGNERS are transparent braces for correction haphazard teeth and not visible at all. The advantage is they can be used by patients who don't want anyone to know they are straightening their teeth. The aligners are made by state of the art machines and by the end of the treatment you can have beautiful teeth.

Apart from these, a number of new developments are taking place, it is imperative for the patients to have knowledge of these technologies to get the best out of dentistry.