Men are often obsessed with the size of their penis and most of them wish it to be at least one or two inches longer. But the medical practitioners and sexologists opinionated that most of the men that reach out to them for penis enlargement treatment and medications actually do not require any treatment.These individual are actually anxious and more concerned with what women or their sexual partners want or do not want. Therefore, the issue of a small penis is of a psychological nature (in the majority of cases) and not a physical nature, and is termed as the small penis syndrome. 

Characteristics of Men With Small Penis Syndrome

Men who are found to suffer from the small penis syndrome had an unrealistically threatening and idealized view of women in general.  These individuals may also be lacking in the actual peer relationships involving women. The disorder and syndrome are also linked to social phobia or social anxiety. Many people who say that their penis is of smaller size were also found to suspect there sexual abilities,appearance, and even social outlook and adequacy.

Therefore, when you think that your penis is of a smaller size than required/normal, it is important for you to consult a sexologist.The expert can find out the real reasons for your thoughts apart from providing your details on the right penis size for you. The experts have the best penis enlargement procedures and health products as well, that will benefit your condition when you are actually suffering from the “micro penis” or small penis problem.


Sometimes men also blame the development inadequacies to the suspected small size of their penis. Other men are set to suffer from “narcissism”,which is a psychological condition of excessive interest in self. These people have a very grandiose way of thinking about their masculinity, intelligence,and talents. These people do not have loving relationships but find other people objects that they can manipulate for achieving their own ends.

As we can see the small penis syndrome can also be associated with depressive or misaligned thoughts, which may also prove to be dangerous. Hence,it is important for you to consult a leading sex specialist in India to get valuable advice on your condition and expert recommendation for penis enlargement.