1. For her partner to talk with her and not her.

2. To be listened to and not merely heard.

3. To vent and discuss her thoughts, without the man trying to automatically solve her problems.

4. To be emotionally connected to him. 

5. To be seen as an equal, yet be taken passionately in the bedroom.

6. To be respected.

7. The freedom to be strong and bold without him perceiving it as a threat to his masculinity.

8. Too vulnerable and feminine and to feel ap safe with both.

9. For him to give his time, effort and loyal than material gifts.

10.  To treat her with value through the relationship not just when dating.

11. To feel desired, to trust and be trusted.

12. Spontaneity for him to make her laugh.

13. For him to know whatever happens in the bedroom doesn’t need to be discussed with friends and it certainly doesn’t set the tone of the relationship outside the bedroom.