” Stomach sizes of Newborn baby in 1st few days of life” 

Emphasis should be on; “How well the baby is sucking” on breast rather than on how much is the milk output. 

On first day of life baby’s milk requirement is very less, so milk output is also less (and if you try to express milk will hardly get a drop or two). But if the baby is sucking well on breast he/she will take out milk as per requirement. 

Over next few days as the stomach size increases and babies requirement increases, mother’s milk output will also increases.On Day one, baby's stomach is of the size of a Cherry; which by day 3 increases to size of walnut. By first week of life that size has increase to size of an apricot. And one month it is a size of an egg.

God has planned everything very beautifully, so as a nursing mother do not worry too much. Just make sure baby is sucking well on breast. and have positive thoughts in your mind. Rest everything will be fine.  

Milk output can be increased by only 2 mechanisms; first when baby sucks on breast and second when mother has positive feeling and there is no stress. These 2 things leads to increase in level of 2 hormones in body; namely Oxcytoxin & Prolactin. So any amount of tension in mother’s mind (related to baby, Personal or professional) can lead to suppresion of hormones and decrease in milk output.

So Just relax and enjoy Motherhood. God has blessed mothers with a feeling and art called Breastfeeding which no father can ever do. So Feel blessed and continue breast feeding. 

Breast feeding has so many benefits. We all should encourage mothers for the same. 


Dr Rahul Varma