As we all know that tooth pain is a nightmare for many of us. Immediate dental intervention with prophylactic preventive medicinal coverage aids in healing and faster recovery. 

In this procedure there is removal of the infected soft tissue (dental pulp) within the tooth and it is replaced with an artificial inert bio-compatible filling material. This procedure basically saves the tooth, eliminates tooth pain and increase the longevity of the tooth/ teeth.

Why the Procedure is Performed

The procedure is performed when the infection in a tooth has progressed so much that it effects the nerves of the tooth, which finally results in to intermittent / continuous tooth pain and or a dental abscess.  It is sometimes related to tooth pain/infection/ swelling / inflammation/ pain while only chewing.

Root canal treatment can save the tooth. If no treatment is provided, then the tooth further decays, which finally leads to loss of the tooth. Loss of the tooth leads to imbalance bite/occlusion and changes the angulation of other teeth.


  • Dental RVG Digital X Ray is taken for final confirmation of lesion/ abscess / pulp exposure. 
  • Consent Form followed by  Local Anesthesia sensitivity test
  • Complete Infection Control Protocol is achieved with sterilized instruments and preventive measures.
  • Application for topical anesthetic agent followed by a nerve block. 
  • Dental Drill is used to remove the infected portion of the tooth and continue drilling till it exposes the pulp.
  • The infected pulp is then removed with Endodontic hand/ rotary files. The canals are enlarged, shaped and cleaned. Healing medicines is placed into the area to make sure all the germs are removed and prevention of further infection.
  • Initially root canal tooth area is sealed with temporary material later replaced by permanent restoration. Dental X Ray confirms the final sealing of canal.  Subsequently a permanent crown is advised.
  • You maybe given antibiotics to prevent further infection.