Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem in male where the ejaculation occurs shortly or just after the sexual penetration. This problem is also experienced where a male partner enjoys minimal sexual stimulation and before getting extreme sexual pleasure. Male partner experiencing this sex-related problem leads to unsatisfactory sex to both the partners. This is now emerging as the most common problem among male and is caused due to various reasons. The main cause includes stress, anxiety and depression. Along with such problems,this sexual problem is also experienced in people with an unbalanced diet, less physical workout, and irregular lifestyle. 

 As per sexologist, premature ejaculation can be due to the hormonal problems, side effect of the medicines, injury or certain medications.It is important to understand that any of such problems can be the cause of this sex problem in male partners. Before you experience this weakness in your relationship, look for the best sexologist in your area and get an early diagnosis. A proper diagnosis will help to discuss the problem in detail and will provide a clear understanding of different reasons. As per sex expert doctors, this is not a simple problem to understand and requires an expert consultation.

The symptoms of premature ejaculation can be noticed if the ejaculation occurs before male wishes. This is a sexual weakness problem where the male partner has no control over ejaculation and requires timely treatment to enjoy the relationship. Once you experience this problem, look for the best sex expert who can diagnose the real problem and discuss the real problem. Just start the medication from an Ayurvedic doctor and get a quick and complete recovery. Ayurvedic medicines are free from any side-effect and work on healing the root of this sexual weakness. Look for the right therapy,consultation and tip from only experienced sexologists.