What is my skin type?

There are five main skin types:

1. Normal skin type

2. Dry skin type

3. Oily skin type

4. Combination skin

5. Sensitive skin

Pinpointing your skin type and understanding the ways to properly treat, it can help you achieve clear, healthy looking skin for a lifetime.

Each skin type having different skin care regimen routine.

1) Normal skin type:

• Normal skin is firm with good muscle tone

• Pores are tight and skin having translucent glow

• Soft , smooth, healthy colour tone.

2) Dry skin type:

• Dry skin also become dehydrated due to lack of moisture content.

• There may be scaly patches or flaking.

• This skin type can be easily recognized by fine lines around eye and mouth.

3) Oily skin type:

• Oily skin is dull or shiny.

• Thick complexion.

• Enlarged pores.

• Oily skin more prone to acne breakouts.

• Blackheads or pimples.

4) Combination skin:

• Most commonly found

• Typically present with scaling and flaky skin on one portion of face, with excessive oil on other.

• The skin will often be shiny in the T_zone which includes the forehead, nose, chin.• Pores are dilated

5) Sensitive skin:

• Appear pinker than other skin

• More transparent

• Skin redness at the slightest touch.