Love - the most written about, sung and discussed word in the world, since time immemorial. It's also one of the most used - abused word - in conversations. You love your phone, your car, your time alone.

But what exactly does Love mean? Let's look at some of the different types of loves:

  • Puppy love

Adolescents fall head over heels in this love. It's the first experience of the magical rush when the guy falls for the girl or the other way around. Usually, this love doesn't last in its intensity. But it does linger. They say our 'first love'  lasts for a lifetime. Who forgets their first?

  • Romantic love

Perhaps the greatest of them all. It may cause major calamities such as wars, elopements, infidelities, even marriage! Tomes have been written in prose and verse. In the eyes of the beloved, the object of attraction is the most beautiful or handsome in the entire universe. 

Lovers have been inspired to create romantic poetry, paintings, songs and films. Whether it is scrolling on monuments or creating tattoos, the lovers wish to immortalize their love. 

  • Mature love

If the romantic love leads to marriage, it transforms into something deeper. The lover becomes a spouse and the love takes on new meaning. 

The partners now go through the trials and tribulations of living together - bringing up children and managing a house. This shared responsibility robs the relationship of its initial magic and something more significant takes its place.

The lover now becomes a person. As time goes by, the veneer wears off and the personality emerges. As the partners live together and share the ups and downs of life, they begin to accept each other's shortcomings and appreciate the assets. 

While the slim, sexy body gains flab and the rakish pate begins to bald, the bond between the two lovers starts to deepen. Love has now matured.

  • Divine love

As personified by Meera, the lover is attracted to a divine entity. This leads to a person who imbibes in himself or herself the qualities of tolerance, compassion and service. It is a supreme connection between a human being and a Higher Power. In this case, love is divine.

If you're in love or have been in love some time in your life - you have experienced the greatest emotion there is. Love makes your head spin - and makes the world go round!