What's your description of Health

Health is most talked about: yet not understood by all. Each person has his own set of views about his health maybe compensated according to his constrains or outrageous in a few, especially teens but not confined to teens  alone.Even well educated adults hold strange beliefs when it comes to health. I feel amused when a set of people are so much giving importance to trivia’s like running nose or an inconspicuous rash and people who can afford Ignore major life threatening signals and carry on day to day activity!

My intention here is to make one aware of one’s priorities in Life and essential Health status achieved accordingly. One girl will say,” if I reduce ten kilos my Health will be optimal”, is it so? If you are getting into some sort of Show biz, then your weight and looks will be most essential. Otherwise it will be absurd to keep unachievable targets just to feel good, instead you can gradually work towards being healthy and’ feel good’ will come automatically.If we have Headache we tend to avoid work and noise. At times  to avoid someone we may say 'I have headache' or so. Usually we use health to get what we want in any given situation. But base line for all is our own attitude towards Health, if we are very interested in certain thing we will accomplish it at any cost is it not? Again keep your perspectives open and get best out of any given condition. Instead of Health a concern it should be a journey towards betterment Physically, Mentally as well as spiritually. You shouldn’t age without evolving as a person, is it not?

Now let us explore Homoeopathy’s role in achieving and maintaining Health. As Dr. Rajan Sankaran renowned Homoeopath and Academician puts it, “Disease sets several conditions for feeling okay…our ability to react to the situation becomes restricted. Health is unconditional okayness. It allows Man to be in the moment and react appropriately. It signifies freedom,spontaneity and being in the present.”So, Homoeopathy is there to bring about absolute Okayness in most of cases especially those who have a balanced Life and in case of Children. And in incurable cases like Old age troubles, cases pertaining to Hormone disorders due to surgical removal of Organs, if not total; almost nearest to cure can be achieved. For example, cases of Hormonal imbalances causing severe Menopausal symptoms; post Hysterectomy (Removal of Uterus) have been treated regularly with Homoeopathic equivalent of Hormone replacement therapy without those undue side effects of an Allopathic treatment, plus these ladies are relatively healthier than their counterparts of normal Menopause. It could be Hot flushes, Hypertension or sleeplessness and mood swings.

If you are healthy maintain it with Homoeopathy which only rectifies troubles due to weather changes or not so severe illnesses. Bonus is you can be happy you are not assaulting your system with unnecessary chemicals and antibiotics. One step further of Home remedies that’s it.Yes! come on take charge of your own destiny, win back your health with the help of Homoeopathy and find that overall outlook towards the same problem situations have paved way to smooth sailing without a second thought: Ah ! This means Wellbeing is it not?