“Do you see hope?” she asked in a worried tone.

“We will make it happen!” I responded.

“What is the procedure, what is counselling?” She inquired as the most people do, and the therapy session proceeded.

After the session as I was reviewing my day, it occurred to me that there is very little awareness about a counselling therapy. Though, meeting a psychologist is not looked down as was the case in the past, but there are misleading conceptions of the entire process.

People come with the expectation of miraculous results for their problems. They need some quick tips to improve their distressed situations. And yet some are very skeptical about the therapy itself.

Things do work out in the session but not in one shot. It is a process which advances with the skilful facilitation of the counselor and willingness of the counselee. It gives the person an insight into his/her own self, thus making one, well-equipped to make positive decisions .

When both the counselor and counselee work together towards the mutually set goals, miracles do happen.

I remember the answer for what is counselling:

Counselling is....

“You talk, I listen; we discuss, you decide”