What is unprotected sex?

  • It is sex without any sort of contraception
  • Usually means sex without wearing a condom


  • Unprotected sex can put you with risk of unplanned, unintended and unwanted pregnancy which is a very devastating situation putting a huge amount of stress in to your and your partner's life.
  • Besides it has risk of transmitting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) including HIV and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).
  • Infection can transmit from you to your partner or can get it from your partner.

(This could be oral or anal sex between two men, or oral, anal or vaginal sex between a man and a woman).

What can be done if you have had it?

  • Right after-
    • Go to the toilet.
    • It helps to flush out the pathogens specifically in case of women because they are more susceptible to UTI s 
    • Wash your private parts with clean water.
  • Within first 24-48 Hrs-
    • Think of need for emergency contraception 
    • If you are already on any sort of contraception think about it depending upon the situation 
    • Think of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEPs)
      • You will be needing post exposure prophylaxis if your partner discloses you about HIV or any other STI
      • See a doctor of counselor and discus your issue and need for PEPs
      • This treatment during first few hours is crucial.
  • Within a week-
    • See for symptoms-
      • Any discharge, pain, irritation while passing urine.
      • Any wound, blister, sore over private part-SEE A DOCTOR
      • Get you and your partner tested and treated.
  • If you misses a period-
    • That could be a problem -Get URINARY PREGNANCY TEST DONE
  •  After a month-
    • Get your and your partner tested for STI for infections like Hepatitis B, Syphilis.


  • Having safe sex is vital for healthy sexual life.
  • Condoms can prevent chances of unplanned and unwanted pregnancy and complications associated with it.
  • Get yourself or Your partner Screened and Treated for STIs, UTIs.
  • Get vaccinated against STIs.
  • Share relevant information with each other about sexual history and STI status.
  • Limit the number of sexual partners.
  • Become informed about healthy sexuality, safer sex and STIs.
  • Adopt positive attitudes towards safer sex.