We understand completely how stressful it can be for you and your child if your child develops any skin problem. A child’s skin is thinner and loosely structured as compared to adults and therefore there are few skin problems prevalent in children. 

So, we decided to write a blog on common skin problems in children and how they should be managed. Mostly children of school going age are more prone to infections. Some of the very common infections are:        

1. Impetigo: It is a common bacterial infection which presents as pustules and crusting most commonly on the face.

2. Scabies: It is another common infection in children. Such a child can lead to itching all over the body especially at night along with rashes over finger webs, wrist, abdomen, and genitals. These children can transmit the disease to other family members also.        

3. Lice: If a school going kid has persistent itching over the back of scalp then look out for lice. Lice usually spread by direct head to head contact.        

4. Tinea capitis: Children of school going age also develop a fungal infection on the scalp which is known as tinea capitis. It deals in itchiness and scaly patches of hair loss.         

5. Molluscum: It is another common viral infection of the skin which are painless & round white coloured lesions.  

6. Pityriasis alba : I very often get to see children with dry, scaly, faintly white patches on face which stress out parents when mistaken for leucoderma. This is called P. alba which is a mild fungal infection of the skin and is more common in children with dry skin.        

7. Seborrheic Dermatitis: A very common skin problem in newborn is Seborrheic dermatitis which presents as redness and greasy scales over scalp and face. When it occurs on scalp, it is called as cradle cap in which babies can have yellow greasy flaky scales.        

8. Diaper Rash: It occurs due to prolonged wet skin, friction between skin & fabric and degradation products of urine and faeces. It can be prevented by using fresh diapers.         

9. Atopic Dermatitis: It often starts early in childhood and presents as very itchy, dry red rashes on the cheeks, folds of arms or legs. Such children should wear cotton clothes below woollen clothes in winter, avoid harsh soap and cleanser and moisturize the skin regularly to help in repairing the skin barrier.        

10. Birthmarks: Birthmarks in newborns are also a cause of stress for parents.

Most of these skin problems are completely treatable and I suggest you to consult your dermatologist to help your child get back a healthy skin. 

Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!