For men, erectile dysfunction is now emerging asa common sexual problem. Each year several cases are reported and the number is increasing by each year. It makes a man nervous and can be shameful when taking the help of an expert sexologist. This is the reason that most of the men don't seek treatment and they spoil the rest of their life and relationships. Although this is now emerging as a common problem among people, it is best to learn about the cause and ways to overcome it. In general, this is the inability to achieve or maintain a firm erection enough for extreme sex problem.

As per doctors, inside the penis, there are two cylindrical chambers which contain myriad blood vessels and artery. When the brain sends a chemical message when a male becomes aroused and blood vessels in the penis cause them to open and pressure is built. This keeps the penis erect, but if the blood pressure is low, this leads to erectile dysfunction problem and is enough to ruin sexual life and relationship for the rest of the life. This problem is caused mainly by physical and psychological reasons. This can belie heart disease, high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes or due to the mental health of an individual. 

In case of anxiety or depression, males mostly of the time experiences this problem. With today's lifestyle, stress is the main reason where the brain may interfere in sending signals that allow the extra blood flow in the penis. In any such case, erectile dysfunction is common and should be consulted to sexologist when any signs are noticed. The treatment is effective and can be overcome by lifestyle change, proper medication, therapy, surgery and counselling. Just look for the right sexologist and start the treatment before it can turn to a bigger problem later.