What and how you show has an effect on your sex appeal-Dr Vaibhav Lunkad

The eyes are the mirror of the mind and the soul.So how and where you look matters.Just a natural smile at yourself first while brushing the teeth also changes the mood for the whole day.Also one hour rigorous and  habitual exercise makes you feel always on top of the world.  Also disciplined habits and work gives you time for hobbies and family and self development .So the four D's which will make you a darling of your loved one are DARE DISCIPLINE DEDICATION and Destination-focussed. 

          So make yourself worthy of respect,love,admiration,to be longing for.

Always think you are extra-ordinary before you sleep and after you get up so that you look always charged and not discharged.Look at the other in the same manner you want to be looked at.Look interested respecting loving caring as onesided admiration or one sided affairs never last long.

       Say to yourself when you look into the mirror,Vaibhav (your name) I love you(self love)

Also say to yourself as this causes hypnotism that I AM SEXY,I AM LOVABLE,I AM THE BEST

I guarantee what and how you show has an effect on your sex appeal