Foods to incorporate into Indian Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism:

  • Cereals: Consume up to 7 to 9 servings of cereals (1 serving = 30 gms raw) throughout the day. Whole grains should be selected over refined cereals. Fiber rich whole grains relieve from constipation and aids in weight loss. Opt for the following cereals.
  • Oats: Porridge, upma or pancakes
  • Quinoa: Salad, quinoa Missi roti or upma.
  • Rice: Brown rice and black rice.
  • Millets: Bajra and jowar roti or mix flour thalipeeth.
  • Whole Wheat and Broken Wheat: chapatis or khakras, broken wheat upma or daliya with milk.
  • Dals and Pulses: Considered as a power packed energy giving food group. Dals and pulses are rich in proteins, fibre, phyto nutrients and antioxidants and low in fat. The high protein content helps in regulation of thyroid hormone, reducing fatigue and benefiting with weight reduction. Recommendation is up to 2 -3 servings/day (1 serving = 30 gms raw). Variety of dals and pulses like moong, moth beans, chawli, rajma, chickpea, channa, kidney beans etc can be included.
  • Nuts and oilseeds: Omega 3 rich nuts namely walnuts, helps in reducing the body stress, boosts immunity and maintains integrity of brain cells. Nuts such as Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which helps in thyroid gland stimulation and action.Restrict the nuts to only 2 – 3 nuts /day as they are high in fat content.
  • Milk and Milk Products: Calcium and proteins rich milk and milk products form an integral part of Indian diet plan for Hypothyroidism as they help in functionality of thyroid gland. 
  • Calcium maintains the muscle activity while proteins help in transport of thyroid hormone throughout the body. Vitamin D present in milk keeps the hormone pathway in check. Select low fat milk, curd, buttermilk or paneer up to 2 -3 servings / day (1 serving = 150 ml of cow’s milk).
  • Vegetables & FruitsAntioxidant rich variety of fruits and vegetables, reduce body’s stress and also maintain skin health. It boosts immunity, otherwise compromised in hypothyroidism. Have at least 5 -6 servings/day(1 serving = 100 gms raw) of colorful vegetables and fruits. 
  • Try various forms like detox water, salads, soups, juices, boiled, stewed or grilled veggies. 
  • Non-vegetarians have an added benefit of including omega 3 rich fish in the diet. Best catch is a low fat non fried fish (salmon, tuna or sardine) up to 1 serving (100 gms) daily. 
  • Fish oil reduces inflammation caused by hypothyroidism, improves cognitive health and builds immunity.Iodized SaltOne of the best remedy is to use iodized salt in diet as it has almost 30 % daily required iodine per gram of salt.

Foods to Avoid in Indian Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism

Goitrogens are the foods that hinder the thyroid gland activity and absorption of iodine from the blood. 

These includeCruciferous family vegetables – cauliflower, cabbage , kale  and broccoliBeans – soybeans , lima beansRoot vegetable -sweet potatoHeating or cooking destroys the goitrogenic property of these foods. 

Thus, seldom use of these foods in cooked form is not harmful for the body.

Highcalorie foods, refined and processed foods, desserts and chocolates reduce the iodine absorption from the thyroid medicines. 

This further damages the thyroid gland function. Such foods also aggravate the major side effect of weight gain.

Over consumption of tea coffee or alcohol interferes with the effective functioning of thyroid gland.

Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism (weight loss): 

Early Morning – 1 glass warm water with lemon + your thyroid medicines

Breakfast:  1 Cup Oats upma  OR  2 egg white omlette  with lots of capsicum OR  Vermicilly upama with veggies  -1 bowlMid-Morning: 1 medium sized Orange  / Green or red Apple / 1 cup Grapefruit / 1 cup water melon

Lunch: 1 cup Salad (excluding cruciferous vegetables)+ 1 Cup brown rice / broken wheat daliya / 2 small phulka ( fat less )+  Vegetable 1 Cup+ 1 Cup Dal+ 1 cup curd or 50 gms Fish (not fried) or 50 gms chicken

Post Lunch : 1 glass butter milk / 1 cup green tea  + 15 mins walking

Evening snack: 1 cup green tea + 2 – 3 walnuts or brazil nutsLate evening: 1 cup vegetable soup (not strained)

Dinner: 1 cup Salad (excluding cruciferous vegetables)+ 2 fatless bajra or jowari roti  or 2 thalipeeth ( Mix Flour roti )+ 1 Cup cooked bottle gourd / ridge gourd / carrot vegetable+ 1 cup curdPost Dinner : 1 cup warm water with lemon + 15 mins walking