Our demanding job routine has challenged our weight and has a serious impact on our waistline. We work round the clock for living and often end up developing weight-related problems. We wish to get in shape, get slimmer and of course look attractive in the mirror when we see ourselves every day. Our inner self starts wishing for a perfect body. We pinch those extra bulges on our tummy or maybe side bulges and wish they were gone at an instant. But the demanding work, official tours, fieldwork, and deadlines leave us with nothing but tired and lack of motivation by the end of the day. 

Work and Waistline -a serious concern 

Work Vs Health: 

Did you know Diabetes ( commonly known as Sugar ) , Hypertension ( elevated Blood Pressure ), PCOS ( Hormonal imbalance in Women ), and high cholesterol levels are the outcome of increased Weight? So, don’t just blame your work life from preventing you to start your Weight loss  regime, because I have a rescue Diet plan, specially designed for working men and women

What goes wrong /What we do 

For a hectic day at work, we are more likely to skip breakfast and go on a bulk lunch instead. Impossible bosses, out of control workload, and urge to prove ourselves at work has ultimately lead to rewarding ourselves with food. Or, after a hectic day, we simply can’t spend time in the Kitchen cooking healthy food. 

Result: we end up ordering food at our convenience and relish that food with false promises for tomorrow.

Is work preventing you from loosing weight ?

What to Do 

1. It is 5 meals a day: (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner and in-between snacks)

I mean what can be better than this. You are having your meals every 2-3 hours and is counted as a weight loss regime. So stop skipping breakfast and rewarding yourself with food later on.  

2. Eating right not exotic:

You don’t need to spend hours preparing or executing the idea of the diet with an exotic Salad or never heard a dish from unknown cuisine. So relax don’t jump out of the box to make a healthy diet. Go eating right with your own convenience and choice of food. Example of ‘Desi’ instead of exotic: Cabbage instead of Lettuce, Cucumber- tomato salad instead of Avocado or Spinach instead of Kale.

It's easy , it's doable

3. Diet at the rush hour:

You can grab your Breakfast / Lunch on the run even if you don’t have time to cook at home. Let me share with your quite a few examples :

Wheat flakes ( Breakfast cereal ) + Warm Milk ( From the vending machine at the office )

Masala Oats, Upma, Poha and more ( ready to eat, can be prepared at office microwave )

Egg White Omelet  + Wheat Bread Toast Bread Poha, Besan Cheela, Besan Bread Toast 

Go quick ..go easy on food

4.  Smart Lunches and Dinner for A Smart Person like you 

Don’t be picky about your Lunch. Indian menu offers nutritious and complete healthy Lunch already. Prepare your Lunch before you leave or simply choose buy lunch keeping in mind the following:·      

  • Start your meal with plenty of salads your office menu has to offer
  • Get your protein from dal and pulses and avoid oily gravies     
  • Get your veggies right: Green veggies, beans, carrot, etc avoid potato
  • Eat right, eat more of dal to fulfill your hunger than bulking on chapatti or rice
  • Check out the healthy eating options your nearby places have, Quick examples: Multigrain bread sandwich, Idli –Sambar, Whole wheat pita bread  

Even your Day should not end up in the kitchen putting extra effort for a Dinner. A soup and bowl of vegetable oats or dalia can save you from effort and loaded calories too.  

5.  Hungry Kya? Grab a  Snack 

When I say small frequent meals it doesn’t mean right from the kitchen. It means right from your office bag. Now since you have started on your weight loss regime not to forget to grab your fruit for the day. And use it as a snack in between your meals. For example : 

 Apple/ Guava/ Orange a perfect snack to munch after your breakfast and before your Lunch. Still feel like fruits are not your thing. No problem ! don’t go nuts just eat them. 

So snack combo 2: Mixed Nuts ( Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins , cashews ) with Tea preferably Green Tea. Even evening Tea or Coffee is a boost to our working day but let’s not forget on the go snacks like Diet Bhel, Popcorn, Roasted Chana, Roasted Makhana and more  

  6 Tea Or No Tea ?

Relax! Diet doesn’t mean you have to skip on your favorite Tea and Coffee. After all most of us find the motivation to work only with the first sip of Tea and Coffee. So let’s use Tea and not abuse Tea at work. Having 2 cups of Tea or Coffee a day is considered a healthy habit. But when you opt for more than 2 cups you actually neglect all the healthy stuff like fruits, buttermilk, coconut water, etc you were supposed to have instead of Tea.

Relax ! it's just Tea...

"Diet and weight loss is no longer a dream, it’s doable. Losing weight and working can be a challenge. But follow these simple and easy to follow tips which will help you get through each working day without sabotaging your Diet . "