Why do we need National De-worming Days, twice a year at gap of 6 months?

National De-Worming Days are around 10th February & around 10th August

(Easy to Remember Days,in case number 10 is difficult!)

 Kids getting education at Government Schools do get the dose of medicine.

As GP,it becomes our duty to Remind our patients to take the dose.

Mothers may be happy to see good appetite for her kids,without realizing that only a little part of nourishment is being picked up by her kids and rest is used to feed the worms present in Feet Long Food-Pipe.

How do worms, get into our system?

Obviously through foods & may be in rural areas, by walking bare feet.

How does water bring in 'infections' in the food-pipe,despite taking every precaution to drink safe water?

We do brush our teeth, take bath with running tap water,go for a swim etc.

A drop of 'infected' water is enough to cause symptoms like-

1)High/low appetite

2)Constant bloating of abdomen,despite eating very little

3)Failure to Thrive despite best resources.

4) Constant aversion to food despite resources.

What are the causes of water pollution?

Sewage,Garbage,liquid waste of households, agricultural lands and factories are discharged into lakes and rivers.

These wastes contain harmful chemicals,toxins, bacteria and germs.

These chemicals are harmful for aquatic animals ( sea foods ),plants ( watch out for vegetables growing near banks of rivers in the cities & be careful to wash the raw salads.

Chemicals as waste/ manure for plants present in polluted water, can cause Cancer.

Simple ingredients in our kitchen do help us remove chemicals & kill the Germs.

An Indian Teenager Girl was given an Award at USA,for her project to purify edibles,using kitchen ingredient-Methidana- Fenugreek Seeds to be soaked in 1 L water & Edible fruits and raw salads to be immersed in it for 1-2 hours only. Pick up the fruit like apple & eat it,without washing again !

Do not throw away this water and a spoon of fenugreek seeds

One can keep adding other edible foods like salad leaves,carrots,radish,tomatoes,pears,kiwis etc.

One can use a spoon of ordinary Vinegar/ Apple Cider Vinegar also-Just one spoon in 1 L water which is used to kill germs/toxins present on surfaces of edibles seasonal vegetables and fruits.

One can convince self about heating and cooking,which takes away infection causing germs but boiling does not remove toxins and certain eatables taste better,if consumed Raw.