With advancement of modern science it is known that what should be normal level of vitamins  in body. Deficiency of vitamins in body can be found from laboratory tests, nowadays vitamin D deficiency is very common. Vitamin D is also called sunshine vitamin as body produce this vitamin with the help of sunlight.

Why body needs Vitamin D? 

* Vitamin D is required for maintaining calcium levels in blood and its absorption by bone, promote bone formation and its growth.

* It protect body from bacteria, virus and other microbes. 

* It is essential for maintaining nerve- muscle coordination. 

* It helps in preventing cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

* Vitamin D deficiency make bones and joints weak.

* Rickets in children.

* Increases risk of heart and blood vessels disease.

* One may suffer from fatigue, muscle cramps, pain and headache

* Indigestion

* Lack of concentration

* High blood pressure

* Weight gain

*Nervous system disorders 

What are the reasons of it deficiency?

With today's lifestyle where sunlight is projected as harmful, people cover their body to prevent their skin from sun, sunscreen promotion by fashion industry, staying indoors in air-conditioned rooms, skin tight clothes, lack of proper diet and faulty routine are reasons of vitamin D deficiency. So it is very important to expose oneself to sunlight.

Sometimes even after proper exposure to sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is seen. This might be due liver problem as liver utilizes sunlight to produce vitamin D; and if liver is not functioning properly, it might cause vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so even after taking capsules of this vitamin, if liver function is not proper, it would be hard for body to use this vitamin and instead of good this vitamin capsule harms the body.

What to do to maintain Vitamin D level? 

* Follow ayurvedic dinacharya (daily routine) and ritucharya (seasonal regime).

* Regular morning walk and exercise with loose fitting clothes under morning sun. 

* Include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnut, flaxseed and almond in diet. 

*Cord liver oil can be taken. 

*Bone stock ( boil bones in water add ginger, turmeric, pepper in this stock). 

*Consume milk and milk products. 

* Vitamin D fortified cereal, juice can be taken.