Today, people are becoming more aware of the facilities and procedures available to them. Surprisingly, an increasing number of women are seeking perfection to their intimate area. There is a growing trend for vaginal cosmetic surgery. Many women live with pain or reduced sexual pleasure and embarrassment due to the loosening of their vagina or an enlarged or misshapen labia as they won't know where to turn to or may feel too embarrassed to discuss this issue with friends, family or even a health care provider. Excessive relaxation of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after the vaginal birth, or due to aging. This is generally a situation that almost all women face after childbirth, making them ideal candidates for vaginoplasty.

Lax vagina can diminish sensation during intercourse, reduce sexual satisfaction and change the relationship between partners. After delivery, the vagina may return to a more normal size, but it often fails to return to its pre-pregnancy diameter. Sometimes, even after Kegel exercises, the condition of vaginal muscles may not improve and they do not produce desired results. Vaginoplasty, also referred to as "vaginal rejuvenation", “aesthetic vaginal surgery”, “vaginal tightening”, or “cosmetic vaginal surgery”, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to tighten a floppy vagina. It will also help women who feel loose even though they have never had children. It is a female genital surgical procedure aimed at tightening lax muscles to achieve a narrower and tighter vaginal canal and smaller opening. It involves tightening the vagina and surrounding muscles and soft tissues, making the entrance to the vagina smaller. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess vaginal lining, surrounding tissue, and tighten the vaginal muscles. All incisions are then closed with dissolvable threads. As a result, you will have tightened vaginal muscles, which may enhance feelings of sexual gratification, and allow you and your partner to enjoy more pleasure during sexual intercourse.  

It is typically performed on an outpatient setting. The procedure usually takes 1-2 hours to be completed.  It is a very straightforward operation a patient can have under regional anaesthesia. Often, the patients will be able to go home on the same day of the operation, after an hour’s rest. As the stitches are dissolvable, there is no need to return for their removal. Scientific studies have shown that 83% to 90% of patients consider their surgery successful and their sex life improved after vaginal rejuvenation.Post-procedure, some pain may be present for approximately one week following the surgery, but there is generally very little pain associated with this operation. Patients will usually be able to walk comfortably after a few days. They can resume to their sexual activity six weeks after the procedure. Most of them return to work within two to five days.Like any surgery , this procedure may also include small risks like bleeding, infection, and scarring. However they are very rare. Fortunately, the vast majority of patients who undergo vaginoplasty have no problems with their surgery and are extremely happy with their results.