Sunlight, even though considered healthy for reasons more than one, can be really harmful if taken in excess. This is mainly because of the UV rays it imparts. So what are UV rays and how can it affect one of the most sensitive organs of our body?

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is popularly known as UV rays. It can gradually cause many eye related problems, and unfortunately, a few of them can permanently damage your eyes. To count a few, it can be one of the causes which eventually lead to cataract, low eyesight, eye infections, cancer, and even blindness.

There are two types of UV rays:

  •  UV-A hurts your central vision by damaging the macula. 
  • On the other hand, UV-B is much more dangerous and makes the eyes prone to cataracts and other harmful diseases.

So, it is important to learn the implications for a better precautionary attitude towards sunlight. While the fresh sunlight at dawn is a good source of Vitamin D, spending too many hours in the sun without protecting your eyes can be really damaging.

So, next time you feel itching in your eyes or any other constant problem, do not ignore it. For once gone, one cannot retrieve the precious organ. Don’t ever delay your trip to the ophthalmologist.