We all carry a mobile phone. Our phones often receive scratches on its screen as they undergo wear and tear. The advent of scratch guards termed “Tempered Glass Screen Protector”, was indeed a blessing to the mobile phones. There were no scratches whatsoever for the regular wear and tear. It is commonly understood that abusing this tough screen protector deliberately, would absolutely lead to damaging the phone. Now compare this.

The mobile phone is our entire body, the screen of the phone is our stomach and the tempered glass screen protector is the thin mucous lining on the inside of our stomach.

Consider this. Our stomach secrets and holds nearly 3 liters of potent stomach acid and other digestive enzymes like pepsin, holds nearly 3 liters of bile, secreted by the liver, and 3 liters of pancreatic juice, secreted by the pancreas. Add to this another 3 liters of saliva that reaches the stomach as we subconsciously swallow every moment. This admixture of enzymes and other digestive juices are potent enough to smash and melt down anything what we eat.

Now if we think slightly for a moment how hard the mucous lining should be on the inside of the stomach to withstand these potent digestive juices, we can understand the magnitude of what is happening inside the stomach. When this mucus lining of the stomach is decreased or eroded it may lead to the sensitive part of the stomach or upper small intestine coming in contact with the stomach acid and other enzymes that are produced for digestion. This contact can cause wound in the stomach or upper part of the small intestine. Any wound is nothing but the break in the continuity of body tissues. Medically any wound is referred to as “Ulcer”.

Hence the popular “Stomach Ulcer” is nothing but a wound on the inside walls of the stomach. On the same line, if there is a wound in the leg, it is medically referred as “Leg Ulcer”.

Stomach ulcers are commonly known as acidity, gastritis, gastric, ulcer problem by the patients!is 

Practical meaning of Ulcer is Wound!!