Numbness is a state of a person when you feel disconnected in terms of thinking, perceiving, and feeling. I am very sure you might find this state very often, shrug it off with some activity or other. But it still persists. The feeling of that void is still present. Following might be some of reasons that made you feel numb at any point of time:

  1. Absence of someone in life. Not necessary someone in mind, but someone whom you are not aware of.
  2. Absence of an achievement in life. Not necessarily very immediate, but a goal or an aim to achieve.
  3. Presence of too many thoughts that are irrelevant for you to think, but might be important if you think them individually.
  4. Too many activities in your life that might seem important to keep your mind busy, but are futile when thought individually.

Try to find the cause of your numbness first. Then follow with the activity to actually understand the importance of it.

First of all, it is not necessary to curb your numbness. It is beneficial at times. With the causes listed above, it definitely shows that your mind is doing something that it is not supposed to do. So STOP, THINK & ACT on the specific problem that you are facing. Staying numb is just a defence mechanism of your brain to shut down the whole body from thinking about the reality. So acknowledge the fact that your body wants to shut down, if you cannot afford to spare time to relax, then act upon the problem that you are facing.

Facing your problem can be done by any of the following methods:

  • Consult a psychologist for your confusion.
  • Make a flow chart if possible.
  • Try to write down your feelings about the present situation, you might find a pattern of your problem.
  • Try to acknowledge that the present situation is a temporary state of mind, it will pass soon if taken a step towards it.

Acting upon a problem is not an easy task. Even more difficult task is to acknowledge that you are into a situation that needs to be dealt. But if you find disinterest in daily activities, or distress without any reason, or feeling numb more often, that means you need to take an action.

Happy finding!