Let's try to understand the importance of IQ, EQ, AQ in our daily lives to better deal with life situations happily, wisely. First of all, we will try to know the meanings of these 3Q's & then we will discuss the rest.

IQ stands for intelligent quotient of an individual which signifies mental potential, efficiency, caliber, ability to understand the things esp. on academic front which is required to achieve success, position, monetary things & so on in an individual's life. 

EQ stands for emotional quotient of an individual which signifies the emotional ability of an individual to deal/ manage the emotional issues of one's life effectively, positively. Persons with high emotional bank account are well off in managing such emotional issues.

AQ stands for adversity quotient of an individual who can manage the equilibrium of mental state in adverse situations of life as well find the solutions of coming out of it.

Persons with balanced IQ, EQ, AQ are best individuals who can manage the ups & down, emotional traumas effectively with their neutral approach in understanding the situations of life. Each Q has significant value in life at different stages such as IQ is very important in career development, achievements & so on. But it depends on nature of an individual as everyone is different from others, the ratio of IQ, EQ, AQ would differ in each person depending on family, society, environment, surroundings etc.

As we grow, the importance of Q's also changes in different aspects / stages of life. For example: during childhood IQ matters the most & as we enter into teenage, there is a blend of IQ & EQ representing an individual. Later on after marriage, EQ becomes most important & desirable. As we understand family comprises of husband & wife, their children & so on, one needs to be emotional enough to understand the aspect of others feeling FIRST & comment one's own afterwards.

The emotional bank account must be huge to lead a better married life. Both partners should be in the position to understand the emotional sensitivity of each other to react accordingly with empathy. That will positively help them to know each other in depth to maintain peace, happiness, prosperity for years to come.

Furthermore, AQ stands to become highly required in many areas of life where individuals face adversities of life such as financial crisis, loss of loved ones, natural calamity & so on. People who can withstand above said adversities & find the best possible solutions tend to display their AQ which becomes fundamental in such situations of life.

Last but not the least, to my experience, EQ & AQ seems to be highly important in understanding the life in depth to manage the equilibrium of life situations which will eventually facilitate a better understanding of individuals to lead happier & healthy life!