'Every person is an unrepeatable miracle'   

                                                     We are all unique…. & so is  our child!

Parenting is most beautiful and fulfilling experience in life, we try and give our best to our child. Focusing on an over all development of child, we provide best of education, sport activities, hobby classes, send them to summer camps and tuition .. but we still find something always lacking.

WHY   ?

       Children could exhibit following problems like unacceptable or unwanted behavior apparently without any obvious cause or reason.

Emotional - Severe anxiety before examination, avoidance or fear of going to school, separation anxiety, inability to be social (social phobia), stage fear, violent anger and depression 

Behavioral -   Breath holding or temper tantrums, aggression, obstinacy, sibling rivalry, attention seeking behavior, stealing, lying etc.

Physical – Headaches or gastric upsets before  going to school, or during exam, bed-wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting, stuttering, etc. 

Academic – Problems at school, poor ability to attend to tasks and making careless mistakes, avoiding sustained mental effort, poor or deteriorating academic performance

 Even if none of the above problems are seen, physically and academically everything seems alright, child is well behaved too but if he /she does not share their concerns, ideas and feelings with parents, this could be a sign of a tornado within the child.

Even after taking care of every need of the child why does our child & why do we too land up in these problems???

What is missing there?????

Probably we get so much busy and/or frantic about  providing academic and physical wellness, we forget to focus on their and our emotional needs and mental health…

So what is the solution? If we want overall growth of the child we can’t ignore any area including, “Psychological Health”. 

It would help you to understand that  there is a complex inter dependency of the mind and the body, both of them always get affected when either one is disturbed. So here are some ways to connect with.

We can build a firm healthy foundation of trust , respect and love. For the child to always feel safe to express their concerns with parents, to be able to share each and every part of their world, it would help if they can  find an excellent friend in their parent itself. 

In order to build positive relationships it would help to begin utilizing the following tips as early as you can, long before any complications can begin.(even from the day of conception)

  1. Empathy : Make sincere efforts to understand their concerns empathetically. Being an adult things of their concern may appear to be trivial but it’s not the same for them... it is very important to make them feel they are understood.
  2. Happy hours : Giving them quality time regularly would go a long way in building excellent relationships
Spend happy hours with your child
  • Discuss don’t decide: for them, its good idea to discuss with your child so they can understand process of problem solving 
  • Understand feelings:  Help your child to express feelings; respect those feelings. Let your child be comfortable with it, try to explore the basis of those feelings. 
  • Develop Communication: patient listening and appropriately expressing is important.
  • Unconditional love: accept child’s weaknesses and appreciate their strengths unconditionally, without comparison
  • Soft skill development: help your child to develop life skills such as sharing, communication, conflict resolution, team work, decision making etc
  • Do not expect to be perfect: parenting is a challenging task. There are many books available which could help.
  • Even after trying if things are still bothering then its time for expert advice. 

    Counselling psychologist, homeopath can help the child as well as the parent.    

    Counselling Psychology

    Counseling psychologist helps you to understand yourself

    Various techniques and psychotherapies would help you to minimize unwanted behavior patterns, and to learn about different ideas to alter moods, feelings & behavior. 

    Psychologist could help the child to identify their inner thoughts and replace inappropriate thoughts with positive constructive thoughts and behavior.

    Psychologist could help parents to understand child’s concerns, confusions , expectations and inner world.  


    Homeopathy stimulates person's natural tendency to heal itself

    Homeopathy is a holistic approach in bringing about healing. Where the mind and body are taken into consideration to give curative measures.

    Homeopathy can undoubtedly play an amazingly helpful role in psychological cases of any age.  It helps in psychosomatic illnesses, fears and phobias, bed wetting, nail biting, thumb sucking, hyper activity, concentration difficulties, separation anxiety, inability to be social (social phobia), stage fear, sibling rivalry, attention seeking behavior, stealing, lying , grief, loss and depression. 

    It is very helpful in anger management, stress management, emotional disturbances, life style disturbances, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.   

     So do take the first step & get in touch with expert homeopath and psychologist at the earliest for guidance to bring out the best in your child. 

    Be Your Child's Best Friend.