Does your abdomen feels full/ tight? Abdominal bloating??  It usually occurs due to a buildup of gas somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract. It makes the belly look larger than usual, and it may also feel tender or painful. Also, fluid retention in the body leads to bloating.

Causes: constipation, overeating, hormonal imbalance, swallowing air, food intolerance irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Tips to beat the bloat:

  • Stay well hydrated and include more of fruits and vegetables for fiber intake.
  • Instead of three big meals per day, try eating small frequent meals more often.
  • Eat slowly. Chew food properly.
  • Choose complex carbs over simple carbs.
  • Eat high-potassium foods which include bananas, coconut water, watermelon, etc. It works alongside sodium to help regulate the fluid balance in your body, keeping bloat at bay.
  • Include fermented foods in your diet. The probiotics in fermented food like kimchi, yogurt, sauerkraut, etc can make your bloat disappear by adding good bacteria into your gut that helps keep your digestive system in check.
  • Include garlic and fennel seeds in your diet. Garlic and fennel seeds stimulates the gastric system and helps to relieve bloating hence include garlic while preparing your meals, soups, etc. Fennel seeds can be used while cooking food or one can chew few of them post meal.
  • Eat your last meal (dinner) before 3 – 3 ½ hours before you go to the bed. Don’t lay down immediately after food.
  • Stay active. Exercise daily for at least 30 mins to boost your digestive health.
  • Limit the salt intake.
  • Sleep well. 
  • Don’t stress. Try yoga.
  • Don’t over eat anything. Remember, moderation is key.
  • Avoid sugary food, processed food, fried food and junk food.
  • Don’t chew gums as it can cause you to swallow excess air. 
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid aerated and alcoholic drinks.