Functions of dental crown vary according to its position in mouth, anterior teeth for esthetic/cosmetic reason and posterior for chewing purpose. Cost of dental cap and bridge vary with metal and ceramic used.

Material used for making of dental caps:

1. Acrylic or resin -used for temporary caps

2. Metal - metals used are nobel such as gold, titanium and non nobel such as cobalt-chromium, stainless steel. Metal fused to ceramic give both strength and aesthetic.

3. Ceramic - also known as porcelain, these are tooth colored dental cap used for front teeth. Comes under brand name of zirconia, e-max, 3M, Lava, Bruxzer. Zirconia,Lava, Bruxzer are strongest and most tooth colored crowns. 

Now a days dental cap and bridge made from CAD CAM programming which give error free fitting and excellent cosmetic. These CAD CAM Crowns mostly used over dental implants which need more accuracy.