Oil pulling is a fascinating old therapy. It was first used by traditional Native Indians and is still used by many who understand how it works. It is amazing that oil pulling can cure and prevent a number of oral problems from bleeding gums and dryness of throat to cracked lips. It can prevent decay and strengthen teeth and gums.

The general idea is that the oil pulling reduces the bacteria swimming around in your mouth. Since most dental problems are caused because of bacteria that live in the mouth, this method is extremely effective at preventing dental problems. So how does this method work? Well in short, it happens because oil is swished around in the mouth. Virgin cold pressed sesame and coconut oil have been most effective but sunflower and olive oil can also be used. Put some in your mouth and swish is around for 20 minutes.


Oil Pulling Method in Detail

  1. Every morning before you do anything take a tablespoon of cold pressed oil and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes. Make sure the oil is being swished between teeth and is covering the whole mouth.
  2. When done, spit it out. The oil will be white and frothy.
  3. Gargle with salt water, rinse your mouth, brush like normal and off you go living a normal day. The only difference is that you will have a cleaner mouth.

Importance of Oil Pulling in Oral Health

Oil pulling works because when you swish, the oil literally pulls the bacteria out of all the hidden nooks and crannies in the mouth. It seeps into all the places that mouthwash and toothpaste cannot get into. Oil manages to do this because it is viscous and sticky unlike other cleaning agents that are put into our mouths. Mouthwash is so runny it just flows over the teeth, tongue and gums and doesn’t really have the time or the ability to get in there and flush out bacteria. Toothpaste is foamy and also doesn’t have the ability to get into those grooves where the bacteria hide away. These cleaning agents clean the surface of the mouth as it is readily available to be cleaned, but oil seeps down to the bacteria that lie hidden below the gum line and under the teeth.


Oil Pulling for Perfect Facial Features

The action of oil pulling is a very good exercise for the facial muscles. In yoga there are few asanas specifically for the face, which if practiced everyday give the face a good structure. When practicing oil pulling, a few of these asanas are performed automatically. Therefore, we just don’t kill bacteria but also strengthen our facial muscles and develop a nice jaw line.

The key is the time you dedicate to swishing. 20 minutes every day for at least a month. If this works for you keep doing it for 60 days. You will have whiter teeth, better breath, and very little buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It might even be worth doing it as part of a regular routine. Swish, swish, swish those germs away!