Depression is on the rise. Young and old , rich or poor can suffer from Depression. There are many reasons for this, life's stresses being one of the most important ones.

The young have to struggle to prove themselves, the old are battling loneliness and other health issues. Sadness, anger, lack of sleep or oversleeping, lack of confidence, loss of appetite or overeating, inability to concentrate, feelings of helplessness and in some cases suicidal thoughts may be a sign that you have Depression. 

It is a misconception that you can snap out of Depression. It is a disorder  and needs treatment. While medication may help change the way you feel, will it help change the way you think, your perceptions? 

Hence, it is important to change the  perceptions that cause you distress. You have to become master of circumstance rather than its slave! 
With simple mind exercises you can overcome Depression and keep it away with NLP based counseling. 
More on NLP in my next article.