It is important for you to know that sexuality exists on a range of factors. Keep in mind that a concern raises to the problem of sexual disorder only if it is affecting your life leading to distress and other behavior problems. Talk to your partner if you feel that you are suffering sexual disorder. Some of the problems mentioned below are considered as normal and healthy sexual activity. Sexual dysfunctions are extremely common these days, courtesy poor lifestyle and eating habits.Given below are a few symptoms related to sexual disorders:

•  Male and female orgasmic disorders

•  Male erectile disorder

•  Gender identity disorder

•  Female sexual disorder

•  Erectile dysfunction 

•  Sadism and sexual masochism

•  Premature ejaculation

Treatment for sexual dysfunction and disorders

Of all sexual problems, erectile dysfunction is the most common issue faced by people today.It can be easily treated with medications. There are three types of drugs that FDA has approved for treating the condition, namely Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. You can get these medicines only if prescribed by the doctor. These medicines work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis enabling easy erection in men upon sexually stimulated. In comparison to Viagra, Levitra lasts longer. Consume thirty minutes before the act as these medications take time to work. However, the effect of these medicines lasts for about four to five hours. Cialis, however, works slightly faster within fifteen minutes of intake and can last for long as thirty six hours.
For several other sexual concerns and disorders, psychotherapy makes for the best available treatment. No matter what your problem is, look for an experienced Sexologist who can prescribe the right treatment after analyzing your condition.There is no dearth of sexologists in the region offering treatment for diverse sexual disorders and concerns. It is all about making the right decision as it will help you get the treatment which is appropriate for your problem.