Many a times we hear people working in IT firms and who are involved in sitting jobs say that “BACK & NECK ACHE is very common/normal”. But, the fact is, it should not be common. PAIN is a physiological response of our body to say something is wrong there. Having said this, How is the pain in your back & neck common/normal?

As human beings, our anatomical structure of spine is meant to stand. Due to the work culture and evolution of the same we tend to abuse our own body. In turn the aches and pains are exhibited as a result. In a nut shell if our work culture is tweaked with proper posture and if we allow our body to align straight, its possible to prevent many of the so called WRMSD which is expanded as Work Related Musculo Skeletal Disorder. It can be treated with proper postural analysis & correction before it starts to hurt. Our body has been designed Ergonomically, but we abuse it to the core till it cries. 

Ergonomic Postural analysis would tell us how right we are in using our spine as we work. In other ways treating your spine in the right way as you work is the best prevention of all your issues that might arise in future. So treat your back and neck properly so that you don't need any treatment for your problems. You can set it right by just a mail or phone call by getting your Ergonomical workstation Analysis (EWA) by us online.