Travelling for work or leisure keeps your oral health compromised. Oral health is well maintained at home than on travelling, as one is out of his daily routine. Managing oral health while travelling becomes even more challenging when the change in the destination is frequent. 

There are some important points to be remembered while travelling:

1. Make routine dental visit with your dentist before leaving.

2. Make a travel kit to carry essentials to keep up a good oral health, importantly.

3. Keep a paste and a dry tooth brush with a cap over it to avoid contamination, wet toothbrush is likely to breed bacteria.

4. It is better to carry portable dental essentials like disposable toothbrush which is more hygienic to use when one is travelling.

5. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands with disinfectant soap or use a sanitizer, before you handle your brush.

6. Always carry a mouth wash and can be used routinely. Make sure the mouth wash is used after 30 minutes of brushing for its better effects on teeth.

7. Carry compact essentials like a floss which is handy and is useful with patients who complains of food lodgment. It is easier to clean interdental space between the teeth when brushing is not recommended for more than twice, daily.

8. It is always important to rinse your mouth just with water after every meal you take. It helps in removing the food particles to deposit on teeth surface.

9. Make some changes in eating pattern. Avoid eating frequent short meals in between. Try not to chew hard nuts or any such hard food stuff which might cause trauma to the teeth. Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol while travelling.

10. You can treat your mouth with sugar free chewing gums (or xylitol gums) which helps to stimulate saliva in the oral cavity keeping it moist and clean, dryness in the mouth is more likely to cause tooth decay. The leftover minute food particles gets stick onto the chewing gum keeping it free from bacteria, settling over teeth.

11. It is important to carry a medicine for tooth ache which can be consumed at the time of pain. Such dental pain killers are available over the counter and can be consumed easily.

12. Make an emergency dental visit around the place and do get a checkup done. Dental visit should be taken as the first priority while travelling.