Wish mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood? Wish your fat will magically transfer to your enemy? Most of us want to get rid of unwanted fat as soon as possible, any way possible. We wish for a great body and health, but do we really dig deep enough into the basics to understand the biology of it all? 

Well, let's understand in detail- about the types of fat, their causes and effects on human body before we tell you the top 5 fat burning foods which you can easily include in your daily lives:

Facts About Fats!

There are two types of fat that our body carries which helps in both ways (good and bad); Essential fat and Storage fat. Let's see what it is all about.

  • Essential Fat ⇒ Good fat helps in normal functioning of body Stored in muscles, organs, central nervous system of body Men carry 3% of this kind of fat while women carry 12%.
  • Storage Fat ⇒ gathered underneath our skin protects our organs from injuries Men and women carry similar amount Storage fat could be dangerous if it's % drastically increases in your body % of storage fats depends upon person to person most normal amount of fat for men 3 -19% and women can carry up to 21- 35 % of storage fat in their body.

The increase in storage fat is mostly because of wrong eating habits and very less physical activity. Calorie dense foods, when consumed will increase the percentage of fat in our body and lessen the muscle. Diabetes, heart attacks and other health problems can put you at risk due to high storage of fat in body.

If you are really keen to lose unwanted fat, we have a list of the top 5 fat burning foods, that can help in your quest to a toned body!

List of fat burning foods

  1. EggsThese are the best source of protein which is very efficient in burning fat because protein requires much time to digest that is why body needs more energy to burn calories in compare with other foods. So, recommendation for eggs generally seen more for any health complications.

How much?You can eat 2 egg whites and one yolk in your diet.

  1. PearBeing packed with fibre, this fruit also have amazing flavour and taste.And of course if you are planning to work on your weight, you can any time rely on this fruit without the fear of adding extra calories to your unwanted body parts.How much?2 pears a day is not at all bad for an individual exceptional for medical issues.

  1. Raw vegetableVegetables are full of water and fibre , you can easily rely on them any time of the day.They could be in the form of healthy salads with minimal dressing which will keep you full for long due to more fibre content and also make you feel lighter due to less calories and loads of water content.Read more to know about importance of high fibre foods.

How much?2 servings of it would be sufficient per day.

  1. LentilsRole of beans and lentils in your diet is very crucial.This fills your appetite and keep your energy levels high.It contains zero saturated fat and cholesterol.They should not be taken raw ; they must be cooked in different ways according to the taste.It works really best for the people who are hard core vegetarian especially who in need of good protein in their diets.

How much?1 to 2 servings of it is enough per day .Make sure you are free of medical condition like acute uric acid or any other medical complications.

  • Green TeaIt is an amazing antioxidant drink as it contains catechin , natural phenol and antioxidant which will help you to fight with extra fat and also keep you away from minor stomach issues.Get more information on Green tea and weight loss.

  • How much?2 to 3 servings of green tea can be best for you. If you don’t like plain, feel free to explore flavoured ones with high quality.

    However, these foods are meant to facilitate fat burning. But consuming loads of these foods will not make you skinny in a short time. You still need to exercise and eat appropriately.